Visible Prices

How to navigate this website

This version of VP makes heavy use of Scalar’s tagging functionality, and its option to display the visual layout of those tags – so when you look at most pages, you’ll see a central point, and the tags that it’s connected to.* (Example: 1 shilling). These tags are the nodes in the network of data. Hovering over any of the nodes will show you its name.

You can click on any of the nodes in order to expand the connections that you can see. When you click on a node, it’ll turn red, and expand (sometimes it takes a moment for the connections to appear.) Scalar allows you to drag the nodes as they appear in the visualization – and this can make them easier to read.

You can also double-click on any node in order to visit that page. 

Using these techniques allows you to explore the content free-range. As an alternative, you can look at the tag listings at the bottom of each page. 

Unfortunately, Scalar’s current functionality doesn’t allow me to control how those tags are arranged – so I can’t put them in a more comprehensive order. To make up for that, I’ve created paths that traverse the whole collection, arranging the amounts from large to small, and grouping them into the categories listed below. (You can skip to them now, or just keep on following this path.)

* Eventually, it will be possible to navigate through the collection through any of the categories -- by clicking on a text's author, publisher, year of publication; or via the type of good, and the location where it was offered for sale. In Scalar, enabling that sort of functionality would make the visual layout too cluttered to be legible -- but it's coming in a future version of the project. 

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