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1 oz. of whole cassia, sold as cinnamon

Type: Good

Excerpt: "4th Sample. Purchased — of J. Waltham, Oilman, Edward-street, Soho. 8d. per oz. Consisting entirely of cassia.

5th Sample. Purchased — of S. Austin, Grocer, 3, Old Compton-street, Soho. 8d. per oz. Consisting entirely of cassia.

6th Sample. Purchased — of Cooper and Co., Moor-street, Soho. 6d. per oz. Nothing but cassia.

7th Sample. Purchased — of E. Holloway, Oilman, 56, Poland-street. 1s. per oz. Nothing but cassia."

Bibliographic Data
Contained in: The Lancet, Volume 1 
Section: "The Analytical Sanitary Commission. Records of the Results of Microscopical and Chemical Analysis of the Solids Consumed By All Classes of the Public. Spices, and Their Adulterations."

Location:p. 225

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