Television and Radio Criticism

Media Review 1: I Am Not an Easy Man - Nelson

Student: Authurine Nelson

Prof: Mobina Hashmi

Class: TVRA 4430W

Media Review #1 720 words

Again Eleonore Pourriat takes us on her journey through her feminist films. French director Eleonore who recently directed her last famous contemporary short film Oppressed Majority is about a man living into a female world. It became a huge controversy in France because French is an equal right for men and women working and living there. But her experience as a child brought her back to the importance of women and the masculinist nonsense. Through Eleonore work she tries to fights against the lack of choices and discrimination for women. I Am Not An Easy Man certainly explore these aspect in postfeminist and Marxism theories. In other words her postfeminist films represents suggestion that sexism has been overcome and that gender equality exists. For example her female characters strongly shows that women are strong and independent. In I am Not An Easy Man Damien meets Alexandra at his best friend Christofer book signing where she had to do all the work. So selfish is friend tells him they should go street walking while the women are left to clean up. Damien then bumps his head into a pole and reverse him into a society that woman controls.

Dear to reverse what we fight for today is build on women holding hands together in strength.

I am An Easy Man is a guerky film that transformed into a woman world Damien (Vincent Elbaz), is a selfish sexist male figure who enjoyed living into a patriarch world where women are dominated by men in jobs, force sex, parenting, streets, waxing and clothing. While men wears suits and tie to work.

I Am Not An Easy Man is also about sexual assault and rape. In one scene Damien is confronted in a bar after he became drunk and the women took advantage of him in the bathroom. How often these things happen into a man world? Why do men think they can get away with calling women whores? Is possible because the concepts of ideology of representation links dominant politics and social values in a society such as capitalism and patriarchy in the some countries. Michel foucault said, “Most notable illustrated how discourses are both discernible in popular culture and powerful in their impact in his in-depth examinations of how discourses of knowledge and of power have been shaped by and have profoundly shaped Western societies. For example, in History of Sexuality, he examined how past and current discourses of maintained laws and taboos that support the societal structure of the family as we know it.” What Michel have lied down is that sexaulity is a root develop even in World War 11 that have still dominated our contemporary world.

For Damien it was something new to him but it was good to see that women are reversing their role. He rides around the street wearing a sweatpants in the back saying “HOT” a female walks up to him and whistle to him “SEXY” . He then goes off to work and the ladies whispers as he passes them to the office of his boss. His boss then tells him she gave is project to another female. He throws a bunch of tampox on the floor and goes down to pick them up. He looks up and sees is boss pulling her pants sip down to eat under the table for his exchange in promotion.  He quits the job. Did women have a choice when we were ask to force under the table for our job. “As Yvonne detailed in her studies of 1990s female action protagonists, these characters underwent dramatic transformation, becoming noticeably tougher, less traditionally feminine, and, particularly in the case of masculine.” It seems semiotic have define our society have prove beyond what we imagined our modern world will look like for women.

One of the scene is so funny because Damien dominated by a woman having sex on top of him and trying a aggressive porn sex where she forces her finger in his mouth. Women refuses him because of his hairy chest. I really think this show represent everything that identify a world of gender and personal expression of our society.


The cite is coming from the reading in the class of representation. Page 102 and 103.

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The abstract for Review #1 250 characters

I Am An Easy Man comedy plots a postfeminist French film during the time of Me Too movement and political representation of freedom for women. The film signifies that sexism and gender equality has been overcome and quickly transformed modern society

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