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Media Review How I met your mothers Joshua Sobers 10/16/18


Media Review How I met your mothers Joshua Sobers 10/16/18

How I Met your mother is a sitcom clocking in about half an hour is about 5 friends in New York City. With one of them trying to find his true love but it's not that easy for him.The five friends are always going through crazy funny situations with him that will leave you cracking up wanting more every time.

Word count 250

CBS’s How I met your Mother  about a 25 year old man telling the story of how he met his childeners mother in the early 20’s with the help of his roommate that get married the roomates wife, also a guy that just about hits on every woman he sees and last be not lest the woman that he thought would be his wife becomes one of his closest friends help in on this search while also getting tangled in funny situation in their lives. As I said this show reveals all around one main character his nmae is  Ted Mosby played by Josh Rodor that ironically narratives the show to the audience and his two children that are talking to there dad in 2030. The whole series of the show is him explaining how he met their mother, to them and viewer.These characters in the picture above are the main cast that will enter your life with laughter and comical moments. Just like the award winning show Friends


Once you start watching the show you will start to see that there are many stereotypes that do not

harm society as you become more a-custom to Ted and his four friend
Robin, Barry, Marshall, Lilly.
This nine-season show last so long because it see like in each episode never give use the main answer of who is the mother of these 2 teenage that we see in the beginning of the episode.
Each episode also shows the other friends more than you think dealing with there own relationship issues


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