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"The 100" -- Media Review #1 - Katherine

Katherine Orellana
TVRA 4430W
Media Review #1
The 100’, a post-apocalyptic drama written by Jason Rothenberg. The story is centered on what happens with civilization almost 100 years after a nuclear war devastated it. Faced with this problem, the council determines that is necessary to return to Earth and check if it becomes habitable again.

While watching season 1 & 2 in one day, I couldn’t stop watching it. I really was hooked by all of them. Each episodes contains suspension and action. 100 young people considered dispensable to check if there could be any chance to go back down and for that they are sent with monitors. For them is a completely unknown planet but this is a lead to start putting aside their differences to face the dangers and survive to keep the human species alive. I love the 100 because it has unique story lines and very interesting to see how the important characters grow.  And also how they change according to their experience on earth and all the battles they had to fight to keep the alive and to continue to survive. The 100 in Netflix, Clarke and Bellamy steals the show. Both of them have strong side stories. Clarke in some episodes or mostly all them I could say. She is always put in a situation where she has to choose between the lives of her family or close friends or saving her people like she will call them. Her people are all the people from Sky crew that are under Clarke command. Clarke had very tuff moments while commanding but I can understand why she was the one in charge, she is a strong woman with emotional feeling but at the end very strong and even though sometimes she felt like she was not doing the right thing, she was. As hard as it was, she always tried to put herself last and think about her people first and how to save them. In one episode she had to pick 100 people that were going to be saved from this apocalypse that was going to hit the earth again and she excludes herself from this list. Another situation that also demonstrates the way she had such courage to keep her people safe was when she had to choose between her mother being killed by the bad people or just decide to not drink this pill that made her loose her mind and become one of the cyber people in that world that they claimed that by taking that pill or sort of chip it would take her to a world of happiness and a great life. She decide to give her mom life away than taking it as hard as it was for her but she had to do what she taught was the most intelligent thing to do.

   If I had been in Clarke position and had to be as strong as I could be. I have no doubt that I would of act like Clarke acted in this story. Every choice she made had its purpose, even though sometimes it looked like she was cold hearted but this is what made her more interesting.
The story as it looks in the first episodes, you can have a feeling that the story or the problem that they will solve it’s the end of their problems but as soon as they are done with one something else appears in their way. Of course it could look like a story that never ends but for each conflict there was always new things that capture your interest and felt the need to keep watching to know what happens next. This Netflix series is a very interesting because it touches many topics of survival and also differences but as well shows you how your mind changes if you were the person trying to survive.

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