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Media Review#1: "Are You The One?" - Shannese Charles

Shannese Charles

Hashmi 4430W

Oct.16th, 2018

Media Review#1


Word Count = 715 = 250 character


TV REVIEW: “Are You The One?” on MTV.

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If we've learned anything from Rupaul its "if you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else!" How can we figure out our love life if we can barely understand ourselves? Should we leave it up to Fate, Faith or Matchmakers?

The answer may be all of the above according to the show "Are You The One?" A modern day bachelors/bachelorette show, first hosted by Ryan Devlin and now  hosted by the handsome  Terrence J himself. The series - which premieres Wednesday 9 pm EST- helps lost souls find the love of their life or at least attempts to.

22 individuals.  11 girls and 11 guys, are paired up by professionals in order to find their “perfect match.” Before they start the show, they undergo tests in order to answer a few questions:

1.Why do they grapple in relationships?

2.What do they need and don’t need in a relationship?

3.What do they want?

4.What are they simply attracted to and unattracted to?

5.In what aspect do they want their match to help benefit them  and how can they benefit their match?

From there the matchmakers help them find their perfect match, however there is a twist.

Though the audience already knows that finding love is a real struggle, they will come to a realization that finding your soulmate is even harder, especially when they could be literally a foot away from you. Yes, the matchmakers paired up 11 couples, but that doesn’t mean the couples will receive their answer straightforward. Instead the 11 couples are flown to a house in Hawaii, where they go through a trial of obstacles and games to figure out who they belong with, they have 10 weeks to figure out who belongs with who. If they lose they receive nothing, but a broken heart, though if they win they receive true love… and if that doesn’t make them happy they also get one million dollars!

This year season seven has approached us with a bang, the house is full of stronger personalities than ever before! Ranging from an egomaniac to a nice guy who needs game, to a know it all, or from a overly independent women, to a class clown, to a petty king and the lists goes on. They've all come to "change their ways," and fall in love with  whom they believe is their "perfect match,”’ until the truth booth proves them wrong. Now I know what you are thinking, “The truth what?” Yes, I  said it THE TRUTH BOOTH! A room that we all wish we could step foot into that analyzes a  couples compatibility and tells us whether we fell in love with our perfect match or not. Though it’s been breaking  more hearts than mending them since 2014.

Tensions have been created throughout the house due to the truth booth being honest about some compatibility fails, love triangles like Brett, Cali and Tomas, and even love squares, such as, Bria, Zak, Morgan and Nutsa have been formed being cooped up in a house on a desert island throughout the course of 10 weeks. Alliances have been created, enemies  have been made, but most importantly friendships have been discovered. If 22 individuals came to Hawaii and didn’t follow Lil Wayne's’ song “how to love,” they’ve at least found a ride or die friend who they can depend on and call to hang out with even after they  leave the house. They’ve even learned more about their own identity  by putting their heart on the line. Whether it being the bad habits they’ve received from past relationships, such as Kenya, who decides to sleep with other guys when her man does her wrong just so she can hurt him before he hurts her, or a defense mechanism they use as a wall to  block people from coming into their lives, such as Lewis does when he creates  jokes for EVERYTHING or even just putting themselves first like Morgan had to after being played continuously by Zak.

With that being said “Are You The One,” is one of the most jaw-dropping reality shows that  relies on fate, faith, and matchmakers to develop a love connection that you may never imagined before. Some couples leave with their compatible other, but  many leave with someone totally opposite from what their test scores said. However in the end the viewers are satisfied answering the most entertaining question that we’ve all been waiting for the “Were They The One?”    


Someone please find Terrence J so he and I can answer this question ourselves!



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