Trans Visibility

Janet Mock

Janet Mock (1983-) is a famous television personality, advocate and NY Times Best Selling Author: Redefining Realness. Her autobiography is a fantastic look inside Mock's journey to womanhood. Mock is one of the first transgender women to utilize the digital world to unite, educate, and entertain transgender and cis people! For example, Mock united trans women from around the world in 2012 on twitter with #GirlsLikeUs Campaign. She has used social media to the fullest to raise awareness on transgender women of color issues. You can follow Mock on twitter @janetmock, connect with her on FaceBook, and visit her blog. Wait... there is more, you can also tune in to her talk show on MSNBC's newest show "SoPOPular." Mock has a huge online presence on all social media platforms. I had the honor and joy to personally interview Mock at our local college in 2014. I was able to connect with Mock through the platform of Facebook and invited her to speak at our college about her NY Times best selling book. I have learned lot on the topic from Mock, but it is always important to learn about a cultural, racial, gender, sexuality, religious, etc. topic directly from a person that belongs to that particular community! I hope you enjoy Mock as much as I do! She is beautiful and spectacular, both inside and out!

"If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other peoples fantasies for me and eaten alive." - Audre Lorde


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