Trans Visibility

Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings (2000-) became well known in the trans community at the young age of 7 years old because of her youtube video that went viralShe does an amazing job, at the age of 7, to explain the concept of transgender, doesn't she. I should have put this on my "intro" page. Sometimes it is easy to understand a concept by not making in too difficult. It's true, adults have a habit in making simple things so darn difficult. Jennings utilized her talent to connect with transgender children and has authored a children's book: I am Jazz. Jennings is courageous, but she has exceptional support from her parents. Having parental acceptance, in itself, is amazing and thankfully become more common. Jennings interviewed with Barbra Walters when she was 6 years old. She has become one of the youngest trans activists and is speaking to a younger demographic and directly to the early education system. Moreover, Jennings is on many social media channels: Facebook and Twitter. You can follow her @JazzJennings_
Keep an eye out for Jennings, I am certain, you will recognize her more now that you have been formally introduced. 



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