The Bengal Annual: A Digital Exploration of Non-Canonical British Romantic Literature

Metrics and Computational Approaches

We took three data-driven approaches to interpreting The Bengal Annual for 1830 holistically, with the assumption that it contains patterns that statistics and text analysis could uncover. 
  1. To better grasp its contents and how the editor chose to include genres, topics, and writers, we generated graphs that represent these distributions. 
  2. To explore a hypothesis that bodies are described differently British male authors, women authors, and Indian authors in the annual, we mined the annual using statistical tools and traditional analysis.
  3. To explore the thesis that the concepts typically associated with British Romantic Literature are represented differently in a text that was written and produced in the different space and set of contributors who were not exclusively British natives, we experimented with how word embeddings could help us with semantic similarity tasks when comparing the annual to texts like Lyrical Ballads.


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