The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

Story Project - Food as Medicine

After reading The Color of Food by Natasha Bowens and going through the stories archived elsewhere on this site, what I most connected with and wanted to share were some of the different ways that people used food as medicine and just to stay healthy.
I was first struck by Vivian Mims at the Greens cook-off when, toward the end of a video of her demonstrating how to cook a batch of greens, she said to not throw the juice away, but to instead use it in a concoction involving hot sauce that can “clear you out better than Smooth Move tea.”
Vivian was interviewed earlier at the cook-off and talked about buying good food on a budget.  She mentions that methods of preservation such as pickling and canning, along with bulk buying can actually make good food less expensive and more healthy.
Also at the cook-off, Samuel talks about how having Diabetes has effected what he eats, how he has become healthier, and gives some generally good advice for when trying to eat healthy.

In The Color of Food, Valerie Segrest mentions the health benefits of berries, including being high in Vitamin C and balancing blood sugar, which is also anti-diabetic.
Valerie goes on to talk about how important tradition is to establishing a working food economy, and how a community’s health can be impacted when their means of producing their own food are limited
Here, nutrition educator Christine gives advice on children’s nutrition
At the AEDA FreshLo Community Meal, Milton Rosa gives an amazing recipe for a healthy desert fruit salad

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