The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

Migration and Food

For this exploration of migration and food, we'll follow the lead set by Sarah Khan in Migrant Kitchens, and hear stories directly from people in the community. 

Sigh worked his way from a dishwasher to a cook to own his own Vietnamese restaurant. Get a glimpse into his kitchen below.

Daniel Salinas shares a story about his parents' authentic Mexican cooking, including grinding their own corn to make tortillas. 

Su speaks about the importance of farming among Asian immigrants. This interview reminds me of the chapter in The Color of Food called "Surviving as Transplants," where Pang Chang says: "For Hmong, people, from generation to generation, the knowledge of farming is passed on." Su says it's "in our genes."  

With Laverne Henderson's story, we look at migration within the U.S. The discussion of trying to bring greens up from the South reminds me of the chapter "Taste of Home" in The Color of Food when Menkir Tamrat discusses how people would send over essential Ethiopian ingredients, sometimes one bag at a time, for use in restaurants. 

Tony shares his appreciation for what we can learn about food from other cultures. 


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