The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

Delina's first video story

Those videos are from AEDA's 2016 Community Meal, via the St. Paul Almanac Storymobile, November 16, 2016, as part of the Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo project (funded by the Kresge Fresh, Local and Equitable program)

The Second Art of Food Community meal. The meal was a family style dinner that focused on guests sharing connections among food, culture, family and tradition around tables.


This video talks about the partners involved in the community meal and a short dance that shows the power of food has in a family. 

 Mary Field was attending the event with her daughter which is a community activist. She also talks about what she thinks her neighborhood need more of.    

Colleen Sheehy is the director of public art Saint Paul they are one of the four partners on the food in Frogtown and rondo. The project is organized to make plans for Frogtown and Rondo using people's ideas from the community and start to implement them.

Ahn Vu works with the Kitty Anderson Science center of Minnesota. She manages a group of teens called the climate change crew which were there to show their new app. She gives a short explanation of what the app is used for.

Megan Phinny is with the urban farm and garden alliance which is a collaboration of eight community gardens and backyard box gardeners in rondo and Frogtown neighborhoods of Saint Paul.

Kay Thomas lives in lower town. Her connection to the event is through public art Saint Paul.

Milton Rosa works with the Science center of Minnesota, the Kitty Anderson Youth Science Center.

Savon lives in Frogtown and talks about a food tradition in his family called Sunday dinner.

Gives a description of the community meal and the event.

Tony is a city planner, department of planning and economic development. He's attending the event to support the community, eat good food and talk to people. 

Vinny Crooks is a local artist in north side of Minneapolis but he's in Saint Paul now.

Shana works at the Science Museum of Minnesota. The person who created the meal also works at the Science Museum that's one of the reason she's attending the event. A group from the climate change crew were also there to get some feedbacks and talk to the community about the app they created which tracks healthy food access in Frogtown.

Just Wolf is a local hiphop artist who grew up in Rondo neighborhood and went to school there. He's been active hiphop artist for more than a decade.


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