The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

Delina's 3rd video story

Savon lives in Frogtown and talks about a food tradition in his family called Sunday dinner.

 Mary Field was attending the event with her daughter which is a community activist. She also talks about what she thinks her neighborhood need more of.  


Just Wolf is a local hiphop artist who grew up in Rondo neighborhood and went to school there. He's been active hiphop artist for more than a decade.

Vinny Crooks is a local artist in north side of Minneapolis but he's in Saint Paul now.

Vinny Crooks preforming his music.

Starting conversations and introducing themselves. 

Valentine Cadieux talks about where she shops a lot and about growing and giving to each other. 
Using the "talking sticks" which is a recording device used to record everybody's voice. 

People attending the event. 


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