The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

Delina's second video story

This is the second half of my first video story from the Art of Food Community Meal; the earlier section can be found here.
 ♦ Don't forget to check out all the annotations under each video some have more than one! (the annotations are found under each video and you can start the annotation by clicking on it.)
►Savon lives in Frogtown and talks about a food tradition in his family called Sunday dinner.

Savon doesn't know what his neighborhood needs more of or what his neighborhood has enough of because he's at home most of the time. We can know what their neighborhood needs more of (related to food) from Mary.

►Mary Field was attending the event with her daughter which is a community activist. She talks about what she thinks her neighborhood need more of.  

 There were two local artists who were there to attend and preform at the event: Just Wolf and Vinny Crooks.

►Just Wolf is a local hiphop artist who grew up in Rondo neighborhood and went to school there. He's been active hiphop artist for more than a decade. Here is my favorite part of his song.►Vinny Crooks is a local artist in north side of Minneapolis but he's in Saint Paul now. He enjoys cooking and considers being a chef in the future after he gets his music path on a good place.
►The next video is a short clip from Vinny Crooks performance at the event while people are getting things ready and others enjoying the event. 

♦ Don't forget to check out all the annotations under each video some have more than one!
►People from different parts of the community starting conversations and introducing themselves. Even though they are all from the same community they don't have a close relationship and this meal created an opportunity for them to get to know each other, talk about the problems around their community and finding a solution for it. 

►Valentine Cadieux was part of the event organizer and was also participating the event. She talks about where she shops a lot and about growing and giving to each other using the talking sticks.

Here, people are answering different questions that were tucked into each person's napkin, using the "talking sticks," which are recording devices used to record everybody's voice and also encourage people to listen to one person speaking at a time. 

►I've added this clip from the event to show how the event was like. It was a normal family type of dinner with an open conversation in which you can talk with people around you while having different type of foods and having fun.

How people addressed the problem of accessing more fresh food in their neighborhood: The event producers with four Community-based organizations created a Meal that connected people in the community and let them talk and address the issues/problems they are facing and finding a solution to that. 

You will find more videos of the event at: AEDA Meal Stories in The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo.

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