The American Dream Denied

Marilyn Amar

Everybody that lives in this neighborhood has a problem. We have many who died from cancer, many who have cancer. We need to be off of this land.

Im a cancer survivor, breast cancer. Im still here, because I cant afford to go anywhere. I have medical bills. I see a doctor all the time. I leave quite often and go stay by my son, because like I said you cant even enjoy your yard because of the toxic smells.

But you know, theres three houses that the city sold. The houses were sold to people on the NORA (New Orleans Redevelopment Authority) list and the City of New Orleans sold to this man who was repairing those houses...Nobody told him this is toxic land. He saw me passing out flyers for our meeting. And he wanted to know whats going on and whats this all about? And I said, well, who are you? He said, Well, I just bought this property over here and Im renovating it to sell. I said this is toxic land. I dont know who youre going to sell it to. He said, Well, they didnt reveal that to me. I said, Well, you need to go get your money back. And now can the city do something like that? And they know whats going on back here.

I want the people to know my American dream has turned into a nightmare. I thought I was moving into a safe, healthy environment. But its a nightmare. And I really want our fully-funded relocation off of this toxic land. Enough is enough.

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