The American Dream Denied

Shannon Rainey

I’ve told my story, and I stand on that. This is an assignment from God. And as time went on, he gave me my warriors to work with. I’m not about to give up, because I know justice is coming. I just don’t know when it’s coming.

You know, sometimes when He gives you an assignment, you go through different phases that He wants you to go through. That’s what we’re going through now. We’re going through the storm. We’re going to get rejected. He wants to see where our faith is at. That’s all. He just wants to see how much faith we have. And I am so positive and my faith is so strong that I’m looking at houses. I know my day is coming. I just don’t know when, but it’s coming.

My granddaughter I’m raising is suffering from the same thing I’m suffering with, a stomach disease. And it’s just so hard watching my granddaughter suffer and they cannot find out what’s causing her stomach disease. It’s just hard knowing that our politicians are not educating themselves about this community.

It is sad that we had past Mayors ignore and allow black families to live in this environment. I really do believe this is a racist move.

It’s not about the dollar. It’s about living in a healthy and safe environment. That’s all we want. We want a fully funded relocation… All we ask for is justice.

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