The American Dream Denied

Additional Collaborators

New Orleans’ Residents of Gordon Plaza – Shannon Rainey, Lydwina Hurst, Jesse Perkins, Sam Egana, Marilyn Amar, Lionel Youngblood, Sheena Dedmond

New Orleans Peoples Assembly

Brandon “Waffle” Bordelon, CVML contractor

Jacob Borenstein (B.S. M.S. Neuroscience, Tulane University), former graduate researcher and CVML support team

Hannah Cohen (B.A., Anthropology and Environmental Studies, Tulane University)Masters student, Anthropology, Tulane University; CVML contractor and independent researcher

Justin Dye, Third Coast Studios

Jenn Miller Scarnato (PhD candidate, City, Culture, and Community (Social Work) Graduate Program, Tulane University), Adjunct Professor, School of Social Work, Tulane University

Wilma Subra, Environmental scientist, President of Subra Company, and Technical Advisor to Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN)

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