The Allan Hancock Foundation Archive

Pacific Expeditions

The Hancock Foundation began conducting research trips to the Galapagos Islands in 1932. Allan Hancock, who captained all research trips through the 1950s, donated his yacht, the Velero II, for this purpose. The voyages were conducted on three generations of the Velero--the Velero II, Velero III and Velero IV. Aboard ship were numerous scientists, including John Garth, who would continue his affiliation with the Foundation through the 1980s, Charles Swett, Maurice Nelles, Waldo Schmitt, Irene McCulloch, Harry Wegeforth, and many others. Most were affiliated with the University of Southern California, but scientists from other institutions (e.g., the Field Museum in Chicago), also took part in some of the expeditions. Also accompanying these trips were photographers and cameramen who visually documented both scientific activity and daily life aboard the Velero.

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