The Allan Hancock Foundation Archive

Introduction to the Allan Hancock Foundation Archive

This online exhibit of selected materials from the Allan Hancock Foundation Collection in the USC Digital Library highlights the results of two grants received by the USC Libraries in 2017 to digitize materials from the Allan Hancock Foundation Archive, held in the department of Special Collections in the USC Libraries. The first, from the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, provided funds to digitize recordings of over-the-air broadcasts made by the Hancock Foundation in association with KUSC. These recordings ranged from lectures to news broadcasts to orchestral concerts; some of the latter were performed by the Hancock Ensemble, of which Allan Hancock was a member, and by the USC student orchestra featuring some prominent musicians and works by prominent composers and USC faculty. The second, from the National Park Service's Maritime Heritage Grant program, provided funds to digitize audio visual and photographic material from the Foundation's collection that documented the marine biological research trips undertaken by the Foundation's scientists, from the Galapagos Islands and other points in Central America and Mexico, to the California coastline.

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