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Outdoor Strains


Cannabis plants grown outdoors must be hardy enough to withstand the natural stresses that come with outdoor growing. Outdoor cannabis seeds are strains adapted to various environmental conditions due to the genetic background the species possesses. Marijuana growers who choose to grow outdoor strains may benefit from the increased tolerance, which relates to crucial aspects of bud production and harvest yield.

Overview of Outdoor Marijuana Strains

outdoor seeds
Naturally bred non-GMO cannabis seeds are developed between the distinguished male and female marijuana species. The ability to grow outdoors is determined by the locale by which the seeds were bred. For example, the tropical sativa strains from Southeast Asia tend to fair better in related tropical climates while the temperate indica strains from the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan flower quickly to finish the breeding cycle before first frost arrives.

Landrace strains are defined as a cannabis variety grown without human intervention in the wild. For growers, landrace strains represent a way to source seeds from a suitable climate relating to their own. As a result, landrace varieties are often recommended outdoor strains for medical and recreational marijuana growers of the United States of America, Canada, the U.K., Europe, South America, Asia and other countries headed for cannabis legalization in the near future.

Mold Resistant Strains

Growing outdoors, cannabis growers are likely to encounter mold issues during the development of buds, or flowering cycle. Mold infections affect the cannabis plant especially during late bloom. The effect of mold on cannabis is essentially devastating - medical marijuana growers in the U.S. and Canada have reported high crop loss due to mold damage in buds.

In spite of mold problems, advanced cannabis breeders have tested cannabis seeds for mold resistance when grown outdoors. Refer to Mold Resistant Strains | Best Indoor Outdoor Marijuana Seeds & Strains


In conclusion our research showed the ability of the cannabis species to grow in the outdoors. Cannabis seeds categorized as outdoor strains performed well in a range of environmental conditions, and held up against temperature stresses and mold infections.