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Indica Strains Biology

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The subspecies cannabis indica originates from South Asia and contains a lower amount of THC than the related species cannabis sativa. Cannabis indica breeds are found growing naturally in India and the Hindu Kush mountain ranges. The high resin production of indica cannabis buds is often heavy, thus the indica strains are used traditionally for hash making. The components located in Cannabis indica provide relief for various sorts of aches and pains, and also provides a strong, potent high effect.

Indica strains reproduce by means of the female sensimilla plant getting pollinated by a blooming male cannabis plant. Seeds are produced which carry mixed genetic traits from the mother and father plant.

Indica strains contain a lower amount of THC, however the active chemical CBD is found in increased proportions in cannabis indica plants.

Buy Indica Seeds

Indica seeds are available for the medical marijuana grower in legal districts allowed to grow a certain number of plants. In the United States and worldwide, to buy indica seeds is a good decision for those growers who intent to grow their own indica strains from seed.

When purchasing Indica strain seed products, consider the breeder's listed flowering times, yield specifications and any additional growing recommendations. Preferable types of indica strains are inclined to yield potent, heavy, resinous buds high in terpenes and active cannabinoids.

Research Conclusions

Our study showed that a marijuana grower whom skillfully grows top quality marijuana buds will likely be satisfied in cannabis indica's resinous bud structure, which shapes on the quick flowering indica strains grown from seed.