Seeds in the United States

New Strains


Cannabis Strains in 2019 range from a variety of feminized new strains, regular new strains and autoflower new strains. The newest marijuana seed releases of this year were reviewed by Mold Resistant Strains 19 New Strains for 2019.




Covered in the article are new feminized strains such as Durban-Thai x C99 Feminized Seeds, Cherries Jubilee Feminized Seeds, Orange Sherbert Feminized Seeds and more. Feminized seeds are grown by marijuana growers to produce all female plants. As a result no male plants need to be culled during the cultivation process.

a new weed strain in 2019

Regular seeds on the other hand yield both male and female plants and are generally considered “safer” genetically than feminized seeds, as regular seeds are the most natural form of reproduction in the cannabis species. The aforementioned article refers to a number of new regular seed strains for 2019 including Nepali Queen Regular Seeds, Nomad Regular Seeds, X18 Pure Pakistani Regular Seeds and more.


Autoflower seeds (called “auto seeds”) are the quickest flowering bunch of the batch. Made by crossing c.sativa (including indica and sativa, hybrids) with the feral hemp ruderalis, autoflower seeds complete their growth cycle while not dependent on changes in light cycles to determine it’s flowering cycle. As a result, cannabis growers are able to run autoflowering strains on up to 24 hours of light all the way until harvest. Many “60 day wonder” strains are in fact autoflower strains. New for 2019 autoflower seeds include Glueberry Auto Seeds, Turing Auto Seeds, Triple XL Auto Seeds, and more.

Research Notes


Cultivators in the USA may consider the new strains for the 2019 growing year. In the legal medicinal and recreational states of the US, this year may turn out to show optimum conditions for outdoor marijuana gardens. Indoor growers and cultivation facilities are on the rise while the legal cannabis market is booming.