Seeds in the United States

Seeds in the United States


In the United States, cannabis seeds are used to grow marijuana plants. The seeds come in different genetic varieties, also known as strains. Currently the states involved in the legal medical and recreational marijuana may consider purchasing seeds from cannabis seedbanks. Our research team scouted the sources of seeds and tested their germination rates along with evaluating the costs.

Overview of Research

During our study, cannabis seeds were purchased from a select few of the online seedbanks. Of the varieties (strains) chosen, we selected the more popular cultivars for U.S. growers from the list buy cannabis seeds USASeeds were shipped to the continental United States in discreet packaging. There were no problems with cannabis seeds being seized at customs, a common struggle when ordering seeds from another country. Due to the federal laws surrounding cannabis seeds, many seedbanks are located in Europe or Canada to avoid legal hassle.

The seeds arrived in good condition. Hidden within the packaging were the aforementioned seed strains contained in their original breeder's pack. As was chosen on the website, the packs consisted of single seeds, 3-seed packs, 5-seed packs, and 10-seed packs.

Once the seeds were taken out of their packaging, germination trays were prepared to sprout the seeds and begin the growing process. Note that the feminized seeds produced only female plants, while the regular seeds grew into both female and male marijuana plants.

Currently there are 29 U.S. states able to purchase cannabis seeds, due to their local legislation that allows for medical or recreational use of cannabis, listed below in the legal states map:

Testing Cannabis Seeds

The seeds were grown in flat containers filled with potting mix. A high germination rate was noticed, likely due to the freshness of the seeds. In a period of 3 days 95% of the cannabis seeds had sprouted into seedlings.

Seeds were fed only RO water until day 7, which they were then started on a light dose fertilizer routine. The great results in germination showed that despite the distance traveled during worldwide shipping, the cannabis seeds held up and performed better than expected from our research team.

Final Conclusions

The tests showed a remarkable rate of germination for the seeds. Feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds all performed well in the case study, producing healthy green foliage and vigorous plants. We can conclude that the U.S. cannabis grower may be able to order quality marijuana seeds online at a fair price via online seedbanks.