Seeds in the United States

Seeds in the United States


Cannabis seeds are used to grow marijuana plants by growers in the United States. Cannabis seeds come in different genetic varieties, commonly known as strains. The latest marijuana strain hybrids are becoming increasingly popular as a way to improve crop quality and potency. Our research team scouted the sources of the best-selling marijuana seeds online and evaluated costs and recorded germination rates. The results showed that 95% of the seeds successfully germinated and grew into healthy seedlings.

Overview of Research

We started our study by purchasing cannabis seeds from a select few of the best marijuana seed banks USA. Online marijuana seed banks sell a range of seeds categorized by sex, flowering type, and other plant traits.

We found that there is a great selection of feminized, autoflowering, and regular cannabis seeds on the market. Additionally, we discovered many unique strains to choose from.

We then evaluated the price per seed across these websites. Not every seed bank offers single seed packs, so we had to take into account pack sizes. The average prices are presented below:Feminized seeds become female cannabis plants that produce buds rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. Since we had no use for male plants, we decided to purchase the following feminized seeds.Once the order was placed, our wait began. The parcel took three days to arrive and was shipped from within the continental United States. Upon delivery, we noticed the packaging was discreet, as promised.

Our cannabis seeds were hidden in a gift inside of the package - all still in their original breeder packs. The seeds appeared to be in good condition. As was chosen on the website, the packs consisted of single seeds, 3-seed packs, 5-seed packs, and 10-seed packs.

The seeds were then taken out of their packaging and germination trays were prepared to sprout them and begin the growing process.

After the initial study, we repeated this process to evaluate various types of marijuana strains in seed form:

Testing Cannabis Seeds

The seeds were grown in flat containers filled with potting mix. A high germination rate was noticed, likely due to the freshness of the seeds. Over a period of three days, 95% of the cannabis seeds had sprouted into seedlings.

Seeds were fed only RO water until day seven, which they were then started on a light dose fertilizer routine. The great results in germination showed that despite the distance traveled during domestic shipping, the cannabis seeds held up and performed better than expected from our research team.


The tests showed a remarkable rate of germination. A large majority of the cannabis seeds performed well in the study, producing healthy green seedling with vigorous growth. We conclude that ordering quality marijuana seeds online can be accomplished at fair prices in the US via online seed banks.


We used Mold Resistant Strains to determine the best strains to cultivate:
Best Marijuana StrainsOverall best marijuana strains to grow this year
Best American StrainsTop cannabis strains from the USA
Best Exotic StrainsExtremely potent strains of cannabis
Best Regular SeedsThese grow into both male and female plants
Best Feminized SeedsThese grow into only female cannabis plants
Best Autoflower SeedsThese grow into plants that automatically flower
Best Indica StrainsIndicas grow compact and bushy with highly resinous buds
Best Sativa StrainsSativas grow wide and tall with large, airy buds
High Yielding StrainsThe highest yielding cannabis strains to grow
Short-Growing StrainsMarijuana strains that stay short and easily managed
Best Cookies StrainsTop Cookies weed strains, all bred with GSC genetics
Best Kush StrainsKush strains are resinous indicas from the Hindu Kush mountains
Easy to Grow StrainsThe easiest strains to grow, ideal for beginner weed growers
Fast Flowering StrainsThe quickest flowering weed strains to grow from seed
Cheap Weed SeedsThe most affordable marijuana seeds for sale online
Best Purple StrainsCannabis strains that develop purple flowers (purple buds)
High-CBD StrainsMedical marijuana strains that produce high levels of CBD
Best Landrace StrainsLandraces come from around the world in sativa and indica strains
Mold Resistant SeedsCannabis strains that resist Botrytis cinerea and powdery mildew
Best Indoor StrainsThe marijuana strains best suited to indoor growing
Best Outdoor StrainsThe marijuana strains that perform best when grown outdoors