Searching for a Black Pacific: An Alternative Archive


Hi, reader! 

Welcome to my thesis project: Searching for a "Black Pacific" - that is, the schema of black art production in the Pacific Northwest (specifically Vancouver) - through the pamphlet and magazine publications which promoted these people, places and events. 

Maybe you are from Vancouver and are personally involved in art production around the city. Maybe you are a student exploring Scalar looking for project examples. Maybe you have been searching for the very sources my project covers! 

As you will see, this project combines traditional academic paper formatting with some of the digitized sources they discuss. This project weaves together three major components; first, the history and historiography of black art in Vancouver, which will catalogue key developments in context and artistic production that lays the groundwork for later art productions and actors; second, the methodologies leveraged in research and ethical analysis of digitization - in other words, what does it mean to build an “alternate archive?”; and third, the archive itself. It is my hope that this combination creates multiple vectors of access for those who come across this project - the physical modes of access like visual connections, media links, and hyperlinks, as well as theoretical links to fields of study such as black Canadian art history and the digital humanities. Click below for more about the definitions used throughout my project! 


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