Searching for a Black Pacific: An Alternative Archive

Group Three: Art/Activist Spaces

Art/Activist Spaces: Helen Pitt Gallery, the grunt gallery, and others 
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The Helen Pitt Gallery (now titled UNIT/PITT) 
Melinda Mollineaux, [T(here)], 1996. 

The grunt gallery (Personal fonds of Phoebe Colby) 
Self Portrait, Valerie Romain, 1991. 
Telling Relations: Sexuality and the Family, 1993. 

 These artist-run spaces coming out of the late 1970s and 1980s provided further networking for artists working in isolation, solidifying solidarity and access to community, space, and resources. Many artists who had been previously active (visual artist Melinda Mollineaux, playwright and performer Lorena Gale, to name two) in the area remained and began to build momentum around exhibitions that showcased discussion of marginalized identities through art.

Other spaces without pamphlets in this collection which were active during the same period: Western Front and Open Space 


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