Rebooting Electronic Literature: Documenting Pre-Web Born Digital Media

Resources for David Kolb's "Socrates in the Labyrinth"

When David Kolb came to the Electronic Literature Lab for his Traversal, he donated both physical and digital materials to the Electronic Literature Organization. This collection constitutes a treasure trove of resources for scholars interested the production of David's work, of early e-lit, and the field as it was developing in the late 20th Century. 

1. Physical Archive

The physical archive consists of personal letters, manuals, articles, pamphlets, conference proceedings and catalogs, floppy disks and CD-ROMS of e-lit works by prominent authors, software, books, and other items. They are stored in ELL with the ELO Archives as the David Kolb Collection.

  • Socrates of the Labyrinth manual
  • StorySpace manual for Macintosh
  • Pink paperwork on Califia
  • Yellow paperwork on Califia
  • A letter from Marjorie Luesebrink to David
  • Another letter from Marjorie Luesebrink – June 17, 2007
  • Letter from Diane Greco to David Kolb
  • Manual for Writing at the Edge
  • Article about Dinosaur or Postmodern Mutant
  • Photocopy of MLA Handbook for Writings of Research Papers, fourth edition
  • Pamphlet for Center for Computer Games Research in Copenhagen
ACM Conference Documents and Catalogs:
  • Hypertext 2004: Demonstration and Poster Proceedings
  • Hypertext 1999: Returning to Our Diverse Roots
  • ACM Hypertext ’97: South Hampton UK
  • ACM Hypertext 1998 – Pittsburgh
  • ACM 2000 – San Antonio, TX
  • ACM Hypertext ’01 (book) – Denmark
  • ACM Hypertext ’01 (magazine) – Denmark
  • ACM Hypertext ’02 – Uni of Maryland
  • ACM Hypertext ’02: University of Maryland
  • ACM Hypertext ’03: 14th Conference // Nottingham, UK
  • ACM Hypertext ’04 – Santa Cruz, CA
  • ACM Hypertext 2004 – Santa Cruz, CA
  • ACM Hypertext ’05 – Salzberg, Austria CD in case
  • ACM Hypertext ’05 – Salzberg, Austria CD in white paper
  • ACM Hypertext ’05, CD
  • ACM Hypertext ’07 – UK, CD

Electronic Literature and Software:
  • Socrates of the Labyrinth – diskettes for Windows with a StorySpace manual, Socrates manual
  • The Little Magazine: Vol. 21 – contains CD
  • Negative Space CVN
  • CD-Rom with TSUG written on it
  • Victory Garden – contains CD
  • Unmarked Eastgate CD
  • Cyborg: Engineering the Electric – mac
  • King of Space
  • Twilight: A Symphony
  • Writing at the Edge
  • A tan box of StorySpace disks and tools for Macintosh
  • Uncle Buddy’s Phantom Funhouse – contains everything (woohoo!)
  • Portfolio by D. Kareken
  • Califia – CD, author’s beta version
  • CD – by(?) talan memmott
  • Chasing Shakespheres CD
  • Cultures in Webs CD – unwrapped
  • ELC Volume 1
  • Sea Island/Mahasukha Halo
  • Hypertext in Hypertext – contains no CD/diskette
  • Forward Anywhere
  • Patchwork Girl
  • The Barrier Frames/Diffractions Through – Vol. 2 No. 3
  • Quam Artem Exerceas?/Directions – Vol. 1, No. 4
  • Mothering/Century Cross/Completing the Circle
  • Laboratorio Di Analisi Del Testo La Poesia – a cura di Riccardo Castellana
  • First Edition +103 by David Kolb & Egypt the Book of Going Forth By Day by MD Coverley
DAC Conference Materials
  • DAC 2005 Short papers CD
  • Proceedings of the 6th DAC conference book
  • Sprawling Places by David Kolb
Other Items:

Diskette of Autodesk Animation Player with yellow instruction paper
Business card for Holly Frankling, PhD from Multimedia software publishing and accompanying letter from Holly to David dated June 5th, 1998
Unmarked disk in an addressed envelope


2. Electronic Archive

The electronic archive consists of versions of Socrates in the Labyrinth; other hypertext works by David, including the entire archive for Sprawling Places; presentations and talks that David has given over the years about his work and about electronic literature; and essays he has written or collected. This archive has been saved temporarily to ELL's server and will be moved to the ELO's site at Compute Canada in the summer 2018. 

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