Practical Pedagogy for Technology in the L2 Classroom

1. Key Words Exercise (novice)

With their rudimentary listening comprehension skills, can novice students recognize key words or formulaic phrases? In a low tech version, students might check words off a list while listening and watching the music video. 

Another possibility is for students to receive a visual cue via an annotation which remains visible on the video until the word is sung. See the video below for several examples of annotations (viewed by clicking annotations) created thanks to the very same platform that hosts this multimedia workshop, Scalar

 A chorus provides a predictable opportunity for students to identify a word even if they missed it the first time. This exercise can also take the form of a game, with groups of students gaining or losing points according to their ability to identify or misidentify key words from the lyrics. 

Click on annotations and raise your hand when you hear the highlighted word. 

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