Practical Pedagogy for Technology in the L2 Classroom

The Lyrics

Once the song is selected, we will need to have a closer look at the lyrics. Often these are found with a simple online search, but I prefer to use Founded in 2009, Genius started as a platform for annotating rap lyrics, but it has since grown into a media company with interests beyond hip hop as a collective platform for community sourced knowledge. You will find LitGenius, SportsGenius, even ScienceGenius. Each of these domains of expertise offer expansive communicative opportunities for students and instructors alike.

A quick search for Nek on the site reveals an artist profile with a short bio in English and lyrics from many of his albums. Lyrics for Semplici emozioni are a click away.  
Caveat lector/Caveat emptor: Like almost all commercial websites in the United States, user activity is tracked. See this recent NYTimes article or this piece from FiveThirtyEight to better understand some of the technology and privacy concerns associated with tracking. 

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