Practical Pedagogy for Technology in the L2 Classroom

3. Enlivening lyrics (intermediate high/advanced low)

The ACTFL performance descriptors for advanced range language learners include

an understanding of main ideas and supporting details on familiar and some new, concrete topics from a variety of more complex texts that have a clear, organized structure. It also assumes the comprehension of texts pertaining to real-world topics of general interest relevant to personal, social, work-related, community, national and international contexts. 

With this in mind, we can see how the lyrics we have been using may lack the complexity needed at this level. We can, however, ask the students to supply that complexity. Using the lyrics from the song Semplici emozioni, students are asked to work in groups to create a skit that in some way addresses portions of the song's meaning.  The assignment below is a rough draft of the students' attempt to enliven those lyrics using collaborative writing tools such as GoogleDocs or Etherpad

Once revised and rehearsed, the students may perform their skit in the classroom or submit it as a video. 

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