Sound and Documentary in Cardiff and Miller's Pandemonium

Footnote 257

Cardiff and Miller, interview by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, “Haus der Kunst: Artist’s Talk,” Haus der Kunst YouTube Channel video,  40:00–44:44, recorded April 12, 2012, uploaded April 16, 2012, include Feedback (2005), The Killing Machine (2007), and The Murder of Crows (2008). In contrast, Cardiff made an effort to distance herself from politics in Words Drawn in Water: “The Mall was one of the most difficult and the most fascinating sites I’ve used . . . I have to say that doing a walk in the capital of America in this current political situation was antithetical to my creative process. I had to turn off my negative feelings about the Bush administration in order to produce the piece. It made me realize how difficult it is not to become political in Washington.” 

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