Numbered Lives: A Media Companion

What you'll find inside

Books contain multitudes and often there is far more media than can be published but has nevertheless importantly informed a book such as Numbered Lives.

This digital companion is an effort to share with readers the range of media that I engaged with as I was writing the book. Numbered Lives is a publication of the MIT Press and this companion site is an independent but obviously linked resource. You can also read the digital version of Numbered Lives as part of the MIT Press' COVID-19 related offerings.

As of 4/2020 this resource is very much in progress and under construction. The various media collections are here (although expansion is still coming) but the contextual narrative is not yet in place. Nevertheless, I hope that it will prove useful for readers of the book as well as for those who may be teaching or simply curious about the various "quantum media" that have been a part of the cultures of American and Europe from at least the 16th century onward. If you visit and/or use the site - please do let me know; it's always great to hear how people are making use of scholarly work!

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