Folk music and Yorkville Coffeehouses

The manager Ron Owen and The Stitch in Tyme at the Flick

Not too much Is known about the personal life of Ron Owen who was the manager of The Flick. What is known is that he had quite the beard and that he had unwavering faith in the establishment he looked after. Interviewed in the Globe and Mail, Ron admitted that competition was stiff during this time in Yorkville. Despite this, Ron confidently said the Flick offered the best entertainment out there and for a very reasonable price of admissionRon made sure to the tell the people "we are rich and we aren't afraid to show it." He was devoted to the very end as he stayed house manager all the way until 1969.

The Stitch in Tyme was the house band credited for controlling operations at The Flick. They were described in the Toronto Star to be a quintet that "wore costumes stitched in gaudy frills and blinding hues." The members of the Stitch In Tyme included Bruce wheaton on vocals and guitar, Grant Fullerton on guitar, Bob Murphy on the keyboard, bassist Donnie Morris and drummer Pinky Dauvin. They were notorious for making The Flick their venue of choice and were acknowledge as one of its star acts ensuring that The Flick would always have a way to profit.Their link to the Flick was so important, that according to Ron Owen as the band was breaking up in 1969, The Flick would start to see its days being numbered.


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