Folk music and Yorkville Coffeehouses

The Flick

The Flick operated between the years of 1967 to 1969. The Flicks main choice of music to feature was blues and rock.  This genre of music had become  popular in the late 1960's Yorkville scene. The Flick occupied the spot at 90 Yorkville avenue which saw the Chez Monique at 88 Yorkville avenue as its brief neighbor. The Flick was managed by a bearded man who went by the name of Ron Owen. The creation of the venue was linked to the Canadian band known as The Stitch in Tyme, they performed at the venue along with other bands such as The Ugly Ducklings, The Fifth and the Soul Searchers.

The exterior of the Flick was old, beat up and in Victorian fashion architecture. Described in the Toronto Star based off one couples visit, details of the interior consisted of walls lined with portraits of famous figures such as Harpo Marx, Malene Dietrich and Peter Lore. There where purple lights and a low ceiling that gave a cluster phobic feel. It was so jammed pack that the echoing  of the drums "vibrated the skull and stomach."  In the center of all this were the young adult/teenager audience who could be found rocking out or dancing to the groove of the music.

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