Folk music and Yorkville Coffeehouses

The Flick: Who jammed out at The Flick

The Lords of London was A Canadian band that emerged during the shift change from traditional folk to more blues and rock. The members of this band consisted of young teenagers which was consistent with the other young teenager bands that graced The FlickMembers of the band included Greg Fitzpatrick, Danny Taylor, Hugie Leggat and John Richardson. The band had its major break in 1966 when it recorded its immensely popular single "Corn Flakes and Ice cream." This one deliciously sounding song would propel it all the way to the number one spot on the Chum Chart toppers for that summer. According to the Globe and Mail, since  the bands success it played regularly at The Flick, changing its music style multiple times. Some  major themes the the music covered, involved: religion, sex, death and even reincarnation.
Originally known as the spats The Paupers would eventually evolve into a popular band, that's music style featured both hard and psychedelic rock. This choice of music style had it fit right at home at The Flick and aimed to entertain the masses of teenagers who were into this new wave of music. The band members included Chuck Beal, Adam Mitchell, Brad Campbell, Peter Sterback and the Legendary Skip Procop. According to the Toronto Star their drummer Skip Procop was heralded as one of the best, if not the best drummer of his time. During the bands time at The Flick it would enjoy success, despite facing some sounds issues during a few performances. The paupers masterfully captivated audiences and displayed why it had become a hit even across the border in the New York Greenwich scene. The album responsible for setting it on the path of success was titled Magic People and featured a single of the same name. 

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