Ivana Visnjic

Say Goodbye to Dandruff

Very few people haven’t experienced at least once in their life a problem with dandruff. These nasty white crumbs that are noticeable on your clothes and in your hair don’t always have to be a problem. Both man and women are affected by it, but it is usually women who have harder time dealing with it. Ivana Visnjic used to have issue, but after trying several solutions, she was able to find the one that worked best for.
Though dandruff can be a very annoying problem that is usually associated with unhygienic, in fact it has nothing to do with lack of hygiene, but it is a result of some other things. Specifically, dandruff can occur due to dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and in the end maybe because of insufficient hygiene. Another cause for these unpleasant white crumbs can be stress, lack of vitamin B, overactive sebaceous glands, and other internal processes.

Dandruff is the most common problems people are experiencing due to the presence of bacteria and fungi.  It can be prevented or kept under control by applying the right products. The main cause for the appearance of dandruff is the fungus pityrosporum ovale, which is almost impossible to completely eradicate. Natural remedies are usually the best solution to remove dandruff, and the ingredients are things that we use every day. So was the case with Ivana's vi.sualise.us, who created her own home made product.
There are several causes for dandruff. Lack of vitamin B is one of them. It is necessary to take this vitamin and foods such as fish, oysters, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots and walnuts are a great way of doing that. Hard water can also be a cause of dandruff, but also of hair loss. Poor choice of hair care preparations that are too aggressive can lead to certain disorders in the sebaceous glands, and thus appearance of dandruff. Sprays for anti-dandruff are also some of the products that Ivana Visnjic tried, while she was struggling with the constant appearance of dandruff.

When using such sprays, make sure they are natural, and contain products based on lavender, geranium, tea tree oil and palmarosa, as these essential oils are the best combination for the treatment of dandruff. Anti-dandruff sprays are usually designed for everyday use, and for all hair types.  There is no need to rinse, or to wash your hair.

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