Ivana Visnjic

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease or condition characterized by a constant feeling of fatigue or tiredness. As Visnjic explains, chronic fatigue is a real tricky condition because it actually worsens with any physical or mental effort, and doesn’t go away even when you’re resting. Given that the symptoms of chronic fatigue are very difficult to measure, this is a condition that until recently wasn’t taken seriously enough. However, today doctors and scientists agree that this disease does exist and that it is necessary to seriously accept and deal with it.

People who suffer from chronic fatigue can have a variety of symptoms that appear and disappear without any particular order. Here Ivana Visnjic shares some of the main symptoms: fatigue, loss of memory or concentration, sore throat, enlarged and painful lymph nodes in the neck or armpit, unexplained muscle pain, pain that moves from one joint to another, without redness or swelling, headache, a dream that does not bring rest and refreshment, extreme fatigue that lasts more than 24 hours.
Some additional symptoms may include: pain or abdominal bloating, diarrhea, allergy or hypersensitivity to any type of food, odors, chemicals, medications, dizziness, fainting, dry mouth, ear pain, chest or jaw, arrhythmia, morning stiffness in the joints, nausea, night sweats, psychological problems, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, shortness of breath, vision problems such as blurred vision, sensitivity to light or pain in the eyes, sudden weight loss or weight gain.

There are several possible causes of chronic fatigue syndrom, and among the most common that Visnjic knows are: depression, anemia, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), allergies, viral infections (e.g., Epstein-Barr virus or Herpes virus 6), improper functioning of the immune system, disorder hormones in, autoimmune diseases, chronic low pressure.
Sometimes symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome may be caused by other diseases (arthritis, sleep disorders, hepatitis, leukemia, cancer ...) or taking certain medications.

The causes of chronic fatigue towards alternative medicine:Previously it was thought that this virus is the only cause of the disease chronic fatigue. Epstein-Barr virus is very widespread (present in 95% of the population, but most people have developed immunity to it). According to Ivana Visnjic, Epstein-Barr virus is associated with many diseases, such as infectious mononucleosis, cancer, systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, etc.Improper diet, overuse of antibiotics and an unhealthy lifestyle can contribute to the growth of candida in the body. In this case, your body will consume most of the energy to defend against the invasion of candida. According to Visnjic, Candida can cause serious health problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, arthritis, and even cancer.We all know that our body for proper functioning of the necessary vitamins and minerals. If you for a long time missing a certain vitamin or mineral, it will certainly affect your health. It is likely that it will be the first symptom of chronic fatigue.Parasites certainly deserve to be mentioned here. We have them all (according to research, the average American in their body carries at least a pound a parasite). Parasites do exactly what their name implies - parasites, or steal vitamins and minerals that your body needs, and in turn emit toxins that burden the organism.Besides the damage it can cause adrenal glands and nervous system, stress also affects the immune system and causes a loss of vitamins. Long-term exposure to stress can cause chronic fatigue.Do not underestimate. Depression is not only emotional but also a physical burden.

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