History of the Soda Fountain


These are the types of drinks you could find being served up at your local soda fountain.

Imperial Cream Soda

First part- Making the syrup. Take 1 gallon of water; 8lbs loaf sugar; 8oz tartaric acid; gum Arabic, 1oz.
Second part- 4 teaspoonfuls of flour; the whites of 4 eggs; beat the flour and eggs finely together, then add half a pint of water; when the first is blood warm put in the second and boil 3 minutes and it is done.
Directions- 3 tablespoons full of the syrup to a glass half or two-thirds full of water, and add one-third teaspoonfuls of super carbonate of soda made fine, stir well and drink to your leisure.

Egg Cream (Phosphates)

 2         Tablespoon    Chocolate Syrup
1/3       cup           Milk
2/3       cup           Ice-Cold Charged Seltzer Water
Put the chocolate syrup in the bottom of a large soda fountain glass.
Add the milk and stir, blending (don't worry if a few streaks of
unblended chocolate are at bottom of the glass--that's
traditional.)  Add the seltzer and stir vigorously.  Of course the
best way to add seltzer is to squirt it in.  But it's okay if you
don't have a squirter, so long as the seltzer is very bubbly.  A
foamy head will rise to the top.  Drink immediately.  For more tingle
and a higher head, use 1/4 cup milk and 3/4 cup of seltzer.  For a
richer egg cream, use half milk and half seltzer.

Ice Cream Soda

Traditionally, an ice cream soda is flavoring, charged water, ice
cream and possibly a nice dab of whipped cream.  The technique is
1-2-3: put 2 Tbls of syrup or flavoring in the bottom of the
largest glass you have.  Add the seltzer water, stirring as you pour
to within 2 inches of the lip of the glass.  Add 1 large scoop of
very hard ice cream trying to straddle the rim of the glass and
still submerge enough of the ice cream to begin reacting with the
bubbles to creat a foamy head.  If the ice cream is too deep in the
flavored seltzer, the soda will over flow.  If it doesn't touch the
seltzer at all, you don't have a soda.  With a little practice, you
will reach a perfect balance.  Top the soda with a healthy squirt of
whipped cream.

The possible combinations are unlimited -- black and white--(chocolate
syrup vanilla ice cream), Canary Islan specials -- (vanilla syrup and
chocolate syrup), double chocolates, mochas, etc.  Here are a few
standard fountain recipes.

Black And White
Chocolate syrup, seltzer, vanilla ice cream.
Bodacious Black And White.
Chocolate syrup, seltzer, FRENCH vanilla Ice Cream
Canary Island Special
Vanilla Syrup, seltzer, Chocolate Ice Cream
Black Cow
Root beer afloat with vanilla ice cream, holding the whipped cream.
Brown Cow
1 Tbls Chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream
Strawberry Soda (In The Hay)
 1/4 cup strawberry syrup, a splash of milk, seltzer and vanilla or
 strawberry ice cream.
1/2 cup pineapple syrup, a splash of milk, seltzer, and chocolate
 ice cream.

Cherry Fizz

1-1/2 ounces cherry syrup, juice of 1/2 lemon (1/2 ounce). Squeeze juice of 1/2 lemon in cherry syrup in mixing glass half full of carbonated water. Strain into 12-ounce glass, add a little sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) from end of spoon and fill glass with carbonated water.

Resolution Fizz

1-1/2 ounces cherry syrup, 1/2 ounce lemon juice. Pour into a mixing glass half full of cracked ice, stir well, strain into a fancy glass which has previously been filled about one-third full of fine ice, add a little sodium bicarbonate (soda water) on the end of a spoon, stir well, add a slice of lemon and orange, or a cherry and a slice of orange.


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