History of the Soda Fountain

Operating a Soda Fountain

The Marble Fountain shown here,  was adapted for either the long glass nozzle B, or the bottle C, both of which would have been sent with the order. The cocks are of the screw jam make, which never leak. The cylinder under the counter is fitted with an agitator safety valve, a driving wheel, and handle, so when the briskness or pressure begins to decline, a few turns of the handle will render it strong again.

When charging a cylinder from a machine, it contains air. By opening the jet cock F, the gas will detonate itself by its pungent smell. Close the cock, and continue pumping both gas and solution until the valve H lifts. You must then open the jet cock and if it only blows gas out shut it immediately and continue pumping until the water reaches it. It will be at its correct height. Shut the cocks at G and P then it may be removed. The connection G attaches it to the machine while filling it, as well as the fountain afterwards.


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