Historical Recipes in the Digital Age

Mrs. Anne Ryan Recipes

This collection of recipes was presented by Mrs. Anne Ryan in Glasheen, County Cork. The recipes featured in Ryan's collections reflect the food and culinary culture from the time and the cooking baking traditions mentioned above. The recipes mentioned mainly consist of sweet dishes, for example, puddings and pastries. Examples of recipes for pastry dishes are Rough Puff or Flaky Pastry and Genoa Pastry. The recipes listed above also feature sauces, curds and fillings and the ingredients consist of lemon, orange, jam, and hot syrup. There are also several recipes for puddings listed above. Dishes such as Apple Charlotte highlight the British influence on a number of these recipes for example, the monarchy. Apple Charlotte was confectioned for King George IV. Other notable examples which are still popular today are Victoria Sponge. There is a savoury dish mentioned above which is beef tea which was used in Ireland and Great Britain, which highlights the frequent medical recipes in Ireland in the mid-19th century. 

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