Game Changers 2016: Reinventing Storytelling Through Video Games Exhibit

Behind the Scenes


Curatorial Committee


Dr. Dene Grigar, Faculty Advisor
Madeleine Brookman, Curator, Student
Kate Palermini, Promotions and Outreach, Student
Anna Hixon, Publicity, Student
Shane Staub, Video, Student
Connor Goglin, Virtual Reality Specialist, Student
Randy Lutrell, Local Game Development Outreach, Student
Matthew Lyons, Game Competition Coordinator, Student
Greg Philbrook, Tech Support, Staff


DTC 338.01: Curating Exhibits and Archives


Class taught by Dr. Dene Grigar


Students: Keely Bitton, Madeleine Brookman, Eli Campbell Jr., Austin DeClerck, Serena Devera-Taualo, Daniel Ellertson, Justine Hanrahan, Natalie Hendren, Collin Hill, Anna Hixon, Bernd Hoffmann, Neita Hopkins, Chris Hurley, JJ Johnson Jr, Travis Lane, Kayleen McDonnell, Ellen Najera-Hohlbein, Cynthia Roadifer, Cynthia Amy Roberts, AJ Schock, Jessica Smith, Shane Staub, Nicolas Stevens, Haley Zach

Design: Keely Bitton, Nicolas Stevens, Haley Zach, Anna Hixon

Exhibit Catalog: Madeleine Brookman, Eli Campbell, Chris Hurley, Ellen Najera-Hohlbein, Jessica Smith

Social Media/Publicity: Daniel Ellertson, Serena Devera-Taualo, Justine Hanrahan, Natalie Hendren, Neita Hopkins, Kayleen McDonnell, Cynthia Amy Roberts, Shane Staub, Anna Hixon, Cindy Roadifer

Docent Coordinators: Eli Campbell, Bernd Hoffmann, AJ Schock, Haley Zach

Website: Kate Palermini, Ellen Najera-Hohlbein

Videography/Photography: Shane Staub, Cynthia Amy Roberts, Natalie Hendren

Catering: Collin Hill, Nicolas Stevens

Operations/Tech: Austin DeClerck, Bernd Hoffmann, Collin Hill, JJ Johnson Jr, Travis Lane

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