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Siam (Thailand)

After the Japanese invasion of Vichy Indochina in September of 1940, the Siamese Prime Minister Major-General Plaek "Phibun" Pibulsonggram decided that the time was right to press a campaign against Vichy France that lasted between 1940-1941 (called the Franco-Thai War) over disputed territories that were originally ceded to France in the 19th century from Laos and Cambodia. 

Because of the Fall of France to German opposition in 1940, access to overseas French colonies was weakened, and France could no longer hold substantial control over territory. As such, they were coerced to sign a peace treaty in Tokyo on May 9, 1941 that allowed the Japanese to set up military bases in Indochina, and also ceded several provinces from Laos and Cambodia to Siamese control. This is considered the first time Siam was able to triumph over a European superpower.

In October of 1946, these territories would be returned to French sovereignty once the French provisional government threatens to veto Siam's (Thailand's) proposed membership to the United Nations.     

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