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Military Involvement in WWII

Battle of Normandy (D-Day)
                French military personnel aided in the landing on the Normandy beaches on D-Day. However, the invasion of the Allied Forces was strategically planned and crucial to the eventual winning of the war. Free French units were on the beaches of Normandy under the command of Major Philippe Kieffer. ( Military History of France in WWII)

Liberation of Paris (Battle for Paris)
                Charles de Gaulle famously asked for help from the Allied Forces to free Paris. Granted the aid, de Gaulle started to fight to remove the German troops from the capital of France. After the Germans retreated post hard military fighting, Charles de Gaulle won Paris back and triumphantly marched through the streets of Paris.
 ( Military History of France in WWII)

Japanese Invasion of Indochina
                See: Indochina

Battle of Ko Chang (January 16-17, 1941)
                A victorious French battle during the Franco-Thai War against Thai over control of French Indochina.

Battles in Tunisa
Battles in Libya
Battles in Egypt

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