Film Studies in Motion: From audiovisual essay to academic research video

Table of types and traits

* one or the other, relative to the other asterisk in the same column
Voice-over/On = voice-over (VO) and off-screen narration; narrator visible on screen (ON); no narration (NN). Without explicit mention of ON, narration is either not present or off-screen
Annot. =  annotational  overlays on  image, with the exception of main titles; can take the form of either text (TXT), graphics (G), or none (N)
Thesis = designation of  goal  early on; can be implicit, explicated in accompanying text (Ext.) or in the video itself (IV)
Accomptext = accompanying text beyond a list of cited films, which can be in either the video description, a linked article or both
NCSM media = non-case study media, for  example inclusion  of stills, excerpts or written works that are not featured in the film central  to  the video; alternate musical soundtracks excepted
References: provided at the end of  video  (EV); in description (ID); in running video (IV) similar to footnote in  text
Works cited = full works cited list as one would offer with an academic article, paper, or essay. Should include films, video, literature, music, and other incorporated media

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