Feeding a Crowd

Culture and Comfort

The recipes I have collected focused a lot on the kinds of food the community considered strongly connected to their culture or their childhood, which may be something removed from where we live in the Twin Cities. This interest in learning the stories of the community comes from my own childhood growing up in a Japanese household with little to no easy access to the foods my family finds familiar, and having my favorite dishes be special treats due to the scarcity of resources, time, or money. Upon coming to the city and hearing a little about the community and the kinds of things they wanted in regards to food access, a lot of things that came up were similar issues- a lack of time, money, or sometimes just a lack of knowledge on how to use or make certain foods. What I was interested in, then, was seeing how members of the community overcome these obstacles, and if there was a way to give better access to culturally relevant foods, such as specific ingredients or even just fresher, better vegetables, to those who wanted it. While a lot of the issues standing in the way of access are deeply ingrained in a mix of food system follies and social obstacles, in listening to the community I feel there is a lot to be found in the power of sharing information- where to find certain foods, how to cook certain recipes, and what’s the most cost-friendly way to shop, all leading back to reconnecting with one’s culture. What I think would be a great way to share this information is to have a place where such important nuggets are all in one place, and open to contributions by others, such as (theoretically,) this page.

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