F20 Black Atlantic: Resources, Pedagogy, and Scholarship on the 18th Century Black Atlantic

Research Project/OAR: Re-writing or Telling the Story from an Original Point of View

Many of the attitudes expressed on Indigenous and/or traditional African belief systems have been shaped by the accounts of biased and ignorant (of the peoples colonized) documentations. These poor accounts have been challenged throughout time, yet, there still remain misconceptions, falsehoods, misunderstandings, and other sentiments that have been left by the way in which traditional belief systems have been documentedin particular, the original way and lens from which they were documented. Some of the goals of this project are to: It is evident that this project will be collaborative. The project would require participation from Africa and the African diaspora in the Americas.  Organization methods will need to be established, however some of the categories (which will also help in utilizing the completed project) may include present-day country, language, the African peoples who originally practiced them, and/or whether the religion was syncretized. There are many parties for whom this project could be beneficial, and it would be designed for use in a variety of contexts both inside and outside of academia. However, I see this more as a pedagogical tool to give younger generations of Black peoples an(other) opportunity and technological resource to learn their history and culture from a more, if not the most, appropriate sources.


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