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About Eddy Kariti

Actor Eddy Kariti has appeared in a wide range of roles for several movies and couple of TV Series. Kariti's career as an actor began quite early while he was still a teenager, as acting was always his greatest passion.
Because Kariti is originally from Chicago, and then moved to New York, he decided to try his luck in the best place for an actor, Hollywood. His first role was in an independent movie, which went without any specific success. However, Kariti's next role in Warrior proved to be a hit. The audience immediately fell in love with his way of acting, which brought him a loyal base of followers.
Trying to be versatile with his roles, Eddy Kariti tried auditioning for a thriller movie. The producers were fascinated by his performance and he was given one of the supporting roles. Following that, he appeared in a comedy, which made him known as an actor with more sides to himself, and earned him even more fans.
His latest appearance in the role of Randy Brooks for the TV Series Being Human showed the true talent of Kariti's acting.

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