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Eddy Kariti: Blockbusters Worth Seeing in the First Half of This Year

What has Hollywood prepared for us in the first half of 2016, explains movie fanatic and actor Eddy Kariti. For starters there are four superhero movies, three of which are sequels, four sequels, a remake and an adaptation of a game. Dear film lovers, wake up in the fall. 
Finally we got an adaptation of a comic book that is brave enough to bring a bit of freshness to the stale standard superhero. The film's hero Deadpool is so rude and cynical that he addresses the older audience, and criticism is on his side. The main role is entrusted to Ryan Reynolds, who is an excellent addition to the already superb cast.

Studio Marvel that has brought to us Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and others has done more than a great job successfully linking their comic hero in a film universe. It was only a matter of time before the competitive DC Comics do the same. The conflict between Batman and Superman should pave the path for future meetings hero DC Comics, and finally reveals whether the dreaded choice of Ben Affleck for the role of Batman is justified or not. Kariti has already made his angel.co profile, and formed the opinion on that subject, but leaves up to the viewers to decide for themselves.

Disney has built a fortune making animated films that have all turned into major hits at the box office. Last year in theaters we saw the story of Cinderella, this year we’ll be seeing Mowgli, and the next one, the beauty and the beast. In the new adaptation of Mogli’s adventures, director Jon Favreau, responsible for Chef and Iron Man, relied almost entirely on special effects solely. As Eddy reveals, almost everything is done by a computer, except for the lead character Neela Sethija.

If we take into consideration that when it comes to movies, all of us have different taste and expectations, Eddy Kariti believes it is safe to say that this films will find their place in the box office, and in the viewers hearts. 

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