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FIRST WINNER Eddy Kariti: There is no other award I like more than this one

Tonight, at the final evening of the 52nd Festival of Acting Achievements of the domestic feature film Film Encounters, for the first time was given an award for accomplishments in the comedy genre.

- This award is a pure injustice. It should not have been granted at least another 50 to 70 years. I have to receive it because I have endlessly liked and will always like this man, actor, and godfather. Thanks to the "Contrast" studio that they decided to keep the Mendol from becoming forgotten. I think this award should not be genre-specific because this man knew everything about the art he was dealing with. He only did not know, and he could not dose it right because we are what we are. This beautiful man lived for the acting, loved the acting, and he died of the same. His trail should be an example but also a warning to everyone to act, but also keep safe. Let me forgive "Nair", "Constantine" and all the other awards I have received in the carriages, but I will not love anyone like the one bearing the Mendol's name, said Eddy Kariti in front of the public gathered at the New York Film Academy.

The award was awarded by a three-member jury comprised. The host of the show said he was glad to see the audience in such a large number and that everyone was "falling in love with this festival".

I will cite one of Mendol's interview, in which he speaks very nicely about our profession and about the winner of this award. "Not from a distance, I do not think I have discovered all the secrets of the art. Because many of our great actors have left this world and I'm sure they have not even realized for the rest what makes this art so magical. The essence of creation is to do something that will remain, not as a pattern or icon, not as an unchanging axiom, but as an idea that will be upgraded. Tonight's winner is someone I want to continue searching for that spell, someone who will preserve the ethics of our profession and someone you know very well - Mr. Eddy Kariti, said the host.

Explaining the decision of the three-member jury Randy Brooks admitted that he was quite thrilled by the event.

- Our idea was to establish an award that our brother, friend, colleague, family member Mendel will celebrate, his lavish talent from whom many took notes had a chance to learn. I'm pretty emotional, I miss him, and this prize will live, I hope it will be traditional, we will present it every year. I want to thank everyone, who has given us the support to bring this idea to life, Thanks to everyone, Brooks said.

The prize-winning actor Eddy Kariti was accompanied by the ceremonial charter "Mendel" and a prize of $100,000.

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