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Movies You Don’t Want to Miss in 2017

We are coming close to the end of the year, and yet, unfortunately, actor Eddy Kariti can’t say that he saw a lot of great movies that made him “Wow!” at the end, or that he plans on seeing again. In terms of movies, this summer was, to put it mildly, forgettable, especially if we take a look at some of the latest Hollywood’s blockbuster productions, which instead of quality, only offer a quantity of recycled material. All those remakes, unnecessary sequels and unsuccessful attempts of good stories fell short in the water, earning less than planned, which caused panic. Although Hollywood will always come up with a solution, a lot of the films that will be released by the end of the year are not based on big-budget Hollywood pictures, but on good independent films that seek their glory through audiences who wants more than special effects.

Of course, the inevitable situation is that just like Eddy Kariti, you will also stumble upon the new episode of the Star Wars saga, the sequel to Thor, and Marvel's beginning of revenge with the Justice League, because there are films that you simply can’t avoid. Generally speaking, autumn and winter will definitely be more movie-fun than summer.

Mother! Darren Aronofsky

For some, he is the king of pretentiousness and for others the master of his craft. Whatever the case, Darren's movies always seem to be at the center of attention. Eddy Kariti finds his movies to be depressing, and he has rarely seen a movie of his more than once. This will likely be the case with his latest semi-horror, half mystery and thriller movie, mother!, which the Venetian audience already had the opportunity to meet and properly propagate.  Apparently, the Italians prefer something less pretentious, more loving, but we’re yet to see how Darren will do outside of Venice.

The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro

The famous director once again draws our attention to his fantasy world, which only he knows how to shape it so originally in a movie. The film already won a Golden Lion in Venice, and considering Michael Shannon’s latest performances, Eddy Kariti has every right to expect a lot from this film.

The Greatest Showman, Michael Gracey

This Christmas, we have a real fairy-tale movie coming up, which can either turn out to be very good or very bad. The Greatest Showman is a biographical musical with Hugh Jackman, four-time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams, and Zac Efron. Whether this movie is a total hit or a swing and miss, we'll find out in the three months, when we’ll get the chance to learn more about the origin of the circus, and how it became what it is today.

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