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Eddy Kariti: The Best Characters from the Coen Brothers

The talented team of filmmakers, Joel and Ethan Coen has been entertaining us for years, with their interesting and original stories in which appear some of the most memorable movie characters of all times. For Eddy Kariti, American company and moviemaker, the Coen brothers have been a great inspiration. It is interesting that the two of them are not twins as many believe. In fact, Ethan is three years older. For each and every one of their movies, they have jointly participated in the writing of the scripts, as well as directing them. So far they have tried their hand in virtually every genre, from comedy, thriller and drama, to westerns, crime novels and film noir. They just released their 17th film Hail, Caesar that we’re going to see at this year's FEST.  As a tribute to their majestic work, Kariti recalls some of the unforgettable characters from their films over the years.
The Coen brothers have often been accused of creating characters that are nothing more than caricatures, meant for the audience to enjoy in their accidents and inadequacy. As Eddy shares on his Dailymotion, those claims have no foundation and as a proof of that, he points out the character of Marge Gunderson, in the excellent film Fargo. Frances McDormand plays an extremely honest cop who does his job the best way he can. He is living a typical, normal life, happily married to a woman who is expecting his baby. In fact, we rarely see a film character so dear to the heart of the viewer as this one.
The main protagonists of the bizarre film “The Big Lebowski” is now universally known among film fans, and has become a true icon of pop culture. There are so many things that Eddy Kariti loves in this character. Plus we should not forget the fact that we are talking about a white man that is just lying on his couch, listening to the same music from when he was young, and enjoys bowling with his friends that are equally eccentric as him. Well, maybe that's why not only Kariti, but almost everyone loves The Big Lebowsky.

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